... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Museum Lane Meddling

More meddled-with in large ("L").

Ha, this tickles me...
I took this with the camera held in portrait, but the angle that I was holding the camera (pointing almost upwards) left the motion sensors confused, and it saved the image in landscape format. I got it on to the computer and felt very disappointed: I'd enjoyed the angles at the time, and had carefully framed and steadied myself, but the image felt totally limp. Then I noticed and rotated it, and it was suddenly satisfying; I can't believe how much difference it made to the feel of the angle...

The middle of the curved windows to the left are perfectly horizontal and the right-hand side of the brick stack to the right of the red drain pipe is perfectly vertical. But the best bit is that the window frames coming down from the very top of the image (the right sides of them as we see them here) are also perfectly vertical: they're directly in line with the right-hand side of the brick stack below. It seems satisfying to me.

This is where the Science Museum joins the Natural History Museum (I don't know why they're joined, or whether the passages between them are open; I'll try to find out!): the curved window on the left is on the Science Museum, and the tower to the right is one of the (20th century) admin. mazes towers of the Nat. Hist., and between them are a few connected floors. I was walking out of the museum via Museum Lane which passes beneath the connected floors.

p.s. After all that fretting, neither of my colleagues seemed at all surprised or upset about being blipped; one asked for a copy immediately, and I think that the other thought it was about time...
p.p.s. Awww, Mrs. and six of her patchy gosling last year!

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