... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: The Tank Room

More awe-struck in large ("L").

I've ummed and ahhed about this...
To blip, or not to blip.
Picking my blip slot has been v. difficult today: each entry on my short list gave me pause.
Feedback would be much appreciated!

This is, I think, my favourite photo of the day: these are two of my colleagues in The Tank Room of Darwin Centre 1. The Tank Room is part of the spirit collection, which is a vast collection of animals preserved in spirits. It is housed over the seven floors of DC1, and this room is the show-piece of the collection housing its specimens on shelves rather than behind closed doors, and in the middle of the room stands a vast tank containing a giant squid (Architeuthis sp.) which is 8.62m long, and a juvenile colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) which is smaller as it is young, and is also missing its mantle (which could double its length...). The fellow looking straight at me has visited the tank room before, but my colleague to the right has never been before, and better represents my reaction (as it was also my first visit). Not only are the surroundings incredibly surreal and rather spine-tingling atmospheric, but the squid itself is both creepy (lurking in the murky yellow spirits) and rather astonishing. It is not only long, but seems very muscular and its suckers are like nightmarish toothed weapons.

Anyway, the real quandary was not choice but blip-ability: my other photographs included marmosets, foetal cetaceans (whales and dolphins), a gargoyle-esque bat, and various reptiles, amphibians, and fish. What unites them though is that they're dead animals in jars: I'm not squeamish, but appreciate that others are, and wasn't sure whether it was fair to blip them without warning people. Is that right, or am I over-thinking it?
I found this picture tricky because I don't have the prior consent of my colleagues to blip it. What do people reckon on that front? I'm not mentioning them by name, initials, or position which ought to make it fairly untraceable, but I'm not sure whether it is still taking liberties...?

ANYWAY, ignoring all that, I'm pleased to be blipping a candid portrait, as that is rather out of my comfort zone, and I was pleased that it also captured the surreal feel of the room (to my eyes).

I've put the golden marmoset (Leontopithecus rosalia, a.k.a. the golden lion tamarin) on my blipfolio as it is the safest of my alternatives, and people can choose whether they want to see it that way.

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