A Sign of the Times

Dear Diary,

I passed this sign and had to pull over and photograph it.  We here in Maine are completely fed up with the snow!  We had torrential downpours yesterday and even some thunder and lightning.  If it had been snow we would have had about three feet of it!  We are entering a warm spell for the next several days so the melt will really begin in earnest.

I had to chuckle yesterday as the man who mows my grass emailed about this season.  I said I would be so happy when I can actually see the grass!  He is also the man who will do the prep work for the labyrinth which I hope will begin early next month.  It all depends on when the ground dries out sufficiently.

BTW, the Ossipee Trail in the sign refers to an old Indian trail.  Most of our roads follow the old Indian trails and still retain the names.

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