For the Love of Magazines

Dear Diary,

We were a house of magazine lovers when I was growing up.  There was the Saturday Evening Post, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics and my favorite, McCall's, among others.  I waited anxiously for each edition of the magazine to arrive so I could see what Betsy McCall was up to.  I collected the paper dolls and I do think my love of travel started with her adventures. (extra)

I ordered a new magazine, Taproot, that came the other day.  I got it because of an article in it by Tasha Tudor's granddaughter Amy Tudor.  I've created a collage of one of Tasha's illustrations from the article, the cover of the magazine and a quote I found with another article that ties in nicely with my previous post on the web of connection.

Taproots is an ad-free magazine and is therefore a little pricey.  It features a theme in each addition and this one was "weave".  I am really impressed with the quality of the photography, the articles and the range of topics.  I may not subscribe, I am trying to simplify now, but I will see if the library carries it.  I was just delighted to see the connection to thoughts I've had recently and, of course, how it opened up the library of my memory.  That is always a great place to hang out for a time!

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