Forcing Spring

Dear Diary,

Every year I trudge out through the snow to clip some forsythia branches to bring into the house to force.  Their bright yellow color simply lifts the spirits and mine are now in full bloom and look radiant in the sunlight.  Spring has been a bit hesitant to arrive so I am giving her a gentle nudge.

I am beginning to see some of my garden but it will still be a few weeks before any digging can commence so I treated myself to a virtual gardening experience via Jacquie Lawson, the wonderful company that makes charming e-cards and my much loved Advent calendar.  I have already cleaned out the greenhouse and started some seeds and put some perennials in the old wheel barrow.  Over the next couple of weeks I will visit the garden and dig in the dirt and, well, it will have to do for now!  I've added a screen shot of the garden.

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