"The Lady's Not For Moving "

Pigeons are not every one's favourite bird though I must say these here seem healthy ,glossy and always  lively. .That is, until today .The bird sitting down is always with the larger one , so I take it they are 'an item'. The third rather fussy bird reminded me of Minnie Caldwell in Coronation Street,  her "oooh isn't she a one " could be sensed .Mr Pigeon stood there  but Mrs was having none of it .She was  not for moving. They walk round & round each day and we all know the feeling, her legs were killing her .I'd seen her plonk herself down. His eye contact is amazing & after a lot of looking plus cooing at her she did eventually get up.  She drove a hard bargain but clearly he understood her ways ...Silly but rather lovely to watch ..
Thanks to Admirer who hosts this challenge .

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