This morning...

...I was thinking what to do for admirer's Silly Saturday challenge.

No ideas.

But a true situation presented itself.

I put yellow sun umbrella up because sun was hot.

I made a stew for lunch.

Popeye came along.

Looks at me.

Then jumps on table, knocks pens and book on concrete.

Then when I don't respond by getting up to let him in the potting shed, which is what he is after...I want to eat my lunch first...he then does the digging in claws routine...

So, this is a true story.

Sorry about these not very good drawings and photos, but hands and eyes not co-ordinated this late end of the day.

So this is my pic for today for my challenge to myself of a pic every day in 2017. And for admirer's Silly Saturday challenge.

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