Feeling blue

I felt quite melancholy (and quite unable to blip on the day). One last half day of conferencing, with a quite excellent plenary and then a panel with friends and colleagues on the Dangerous Women Project. We stopped putting up daily posts a month ago, but this was a definitive line in the sand, as it will be the last reprise in this format before my colleague leaves her post in the middle of next week.

In a way, it was very interesting to see how others see us, and to learn more  - with distance of a month - what others have learned from the project and how it has changed them. After a last lunch, I dragged my weary body back home by bike and stared into the middle distance until first C and then K came back from their days in the NLS. Mr A served up a delicious fish pie, and then we sat around drinking some white wine as I slipped into sleep.

Part of the tiredness is tiredness, but part is also a lassitude relating to a changing of the guard, and a sense of drawing a line in the sand. Must remember to do something energetic tomorrow.

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