Wintry allotments with orange plastic crates

We went for a walk in the Central Park. Many of the paths are still icy, but we managed, in general, to stick to those that have been cleared. Bright sunshine, but it wasn't especially photogenic. But it was good to get a walk and - since my right hip was hurting - it led to a diagnosis session that was quite useful. I asked Mr A if I was limping and he said he didn't know. Unknown to me, he then video-ed me walking. When I looked at it I was a bit shocked. I was limping a lot and I could see how much I was dropping down on the right hand side and rotating on the right hip. No wonder it was sore. I tried hard from then on to walk straight, and when we were on the tram I read some stuff online about the importance of pushing off with the feet and the calves, in order to make them do as much of the effort of walking as possible. That helped, which was good as this was not the first time my right hip has hurt when I've walked and, frankly, I don't want a hip replacement right now. One left knee replacement and a continuing dodgy right knee is enough for me for now, thanks very much. So I'll be doing lots of calf raises in my exercise routine from now on.

After that, we had a bit of fun on trams. Down to Hakaniemi to the new (temporary) market hall. Back out to Alppila to try and find a Thai take away/street food place that PM had recommended. It's now turned into a Thai massage parlour. Clearly a better business model. Luckily there was a Russian blini (i.e. pancake) place nearby, which he also recommended, so we did get some lunch. And a couple of beers.

Back here mainly to chill and also to watch some rugby. I'm still feeling slightly less than 100% - but the sore throat and slightly swollen glands have yet to develop into anything significant. We've been thinking about what we might do tomorrow - as this is our last moderately 'quiet' weekend for a very long time indeed - but we haven't had any bright ideas yet.

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