Limited choice

Today's walk was about the walking, not the photography, so I came back with a limited choice. This photograph is basically a reprise of Thursday's photograph, but in a different place (for the record, Thursday's temporary pond has now gone). The alternative was a blip of Regatta or the Sibelius monument, so nothing new there.

We went out for a reasonably long walk locally, with me concentrating on striding and not limping. As a result, I'm tired this evening, but generally pleased with the results. Videos were taken...

Mid afternoon I signed up with the city bike scheme and went and tried it out. With my tram card now linked to the bike scheme, it's really simple for me to rock up and get a bike for 30 mins at a time.

It's starting to feel really springlike here, and most of the snow has gone. Thank goodness! Whilst we were out we saw swans, ducks, geese and - most exciting - a hare lolloping across the ice towards Seurasaari, from the direction of the Taivallahti marina. Too far away to photograph or video, unfortunately.

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