By ArcLight

Vaasa Airport

I've added to my collection of tiny airports today. The trip to Vaasa, via Arlanda, went smoothly. I had quite a bit of time to hang out in Arlanda, and I was pleased to discover that like, for example, Geneva airport, it has eduroam, the academic network, available for wifi. The last hop across the Gulf of Bothnia was in a turboprop, on a regional offshoot of SAS run by Fly(May)be. It was enough to make the heart sink, but we got here safely and on time. We landed at 2045 and by 2050 I was in a taxi texting PM to see whether he had arrived or not (by train). We met up in the only restaurant in Vaasa that was still serving at 2130 on a Sunday evening, and even they couldn't wait to chuck us out at 2200 sharp....Bit of a half horse town.

It's a trip back to winter here. Apparently they had spring weather last week, but now it's strong north winds, grey cloud, occasional snow showers, and -9 once you take the wind chill into account. I had to put five layers on to make it bearable to take a short walk to the restaurant. Lucky I brought my hat.

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