This is the beginning of Holy Week.

On this day, many years ago, Lord,
     you started out on a journey
          towards Jerusalem.
The crowd was excited and
     at fever pitch - 
          waving palm branches and
               there was a lot of noise and hubbub.
As you rode through the streets on a donkey
     the people hoped with all their hearts
          that you were going to bring 
               freedom and deliverance. 
They believed you were going to be 
     their king - 
          a mighty king - 
               so they shouted louder and louder - 
Blessed is he who comes 
     in the name of the Lord.”
But you knew what the crowds were like
     you knew how fickle they were - 
          and you knew that they would soon change
               their shout of “Hosanna” to
In spite of all you knew,
     and because of your great love for all those people
          you chose to continue that journey
               which ended with you dying an agonising death
                    on the cross for them and for us.
Enthusiastic, excited, eager and exuberant
     or confused, suspicious, hesitant or doubting
          You loved them and you love me 
               just as I am.
We can choose to believe in you
     and have the life and living water
          that you freely give or
               we can choose
                    simply not to believe.
The choice is ours.

© Maureen Iles 
Palm Sunday : 9/04/17

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