Tiny Tuesday - FOOD

Had rather a sleepless night.  I went to bed late ( as usual ) .  However Lily was suddenly wide awake - and crying at my bedroom door.  Tried to ignore her but she just got louder and started clawing at the door.  So I relented and let her in.  I hoped she would just snuggle up on the bed and go to sleep - so I got into bed and tried to sleep.  Lily had other ideas.  She was scratching about and rummaging in ever corner - so I had to " eject " her.  Of course she wasn't best pleased and started up the crying again.  I eventually fell asleep but I woke up a few times before the alarm went off.

Got the bus to Dunston this afternoon to pop in and see Neil and collect my winnings from The Grand National.  He wasn't there - had gone home for his lunch.  So I did a bit of shopping in Aldi and called back to see him afterwards.  He was very busy so I didn't stay long.

The weather has been chilly today and it was very windy. Back to a thick coat, gloves and a scarf.

The theme for Tiny Tuesday today is FOOD.  So I got my blip shot out of the way early - at breakfast time.  Its Aldi Rye Crispbread topped with Waitrose Seville Orange Marmalade - fine cut. Thanks to trisharooni for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 6,239

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