Farmland framed

On our second day of cycling in Dumfries and Galloway we set off (wind-assisted) from Wigtown for an easy ride down to see St Ninian's Chapel at the Isle of Whithorn, then lunch at the museum café in Whithorn. It was then a bit of a struggle against the wind as we looped back to the car.

We rewarded ourselves on the ride with a wander around Wigtown and a cup of tea in one of the town's many cafés. It's been another beautiful sunny day, as can be seen from my blip.

This evening our host took us on a tour of the house, from basement to attic. It took quite some time. This was not due to the size of the house (it's big, but not enormous), but rather because we had so many questions about its architecture and contents. The most interesting discovery was the former site of 'house honey' production in the attic. In the past the family would let bees build an indoor hive in the rafters, then harvest the honey from it for their toast!

I started reading Apple tree yard today so that put paid to any interest in Scrabble!

Exercise today: 35 mile tandem ride.

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