An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Here Comes the Rain Again...

We went to Bridge of Allan this afternoon to collect little silver birds that LeeAnne had asked to be set aside after she saw them last Saturday and regretted not buying them.

Of course since we were having to go there anyway, it made sense to go at lunchtime and have lunch out.  

Sadly lunch was a little disappointing but the lovely shop we went to to collect these little birdies certainly wasn't a disappointment.  I could have bought the whole place!  Well if i'd won the lottery that is :-)   Instead I opted for a sign for the the Gin Palace and a little love heart that was dotted with pearls that I will add to Ele and Kenny's gifts for their 30th (Pearl) wedding anniversary on Sunday.

The weather was changeable but sunny as we left Bridge of Allan so we drove the scenic route home along the hillfoots then over Glendevon.  Took today's blip just as we came over the crest of Glendevon before descending down towards Gleneagles.  

We made it home before the rain working its way along the hills reached us.

Apologies for lack of comments over the last couple of days.  My internet access has been really slow for some reason and it's taken me hours to edit just four photos!  Very frustrating.  Hoping to visit your journals properly tomorrow. 

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