Tea under the Trees

I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up and see sun and blue sky this morning. The forecast had been for cloud and dullness! I even took my cup of tea out into the garden and drank it looking up at the pretty trees which are just bursting into leaf. Lovely!!
Then it got cloudy and cold so I came in and jumped in the bath for an hour before Mrs C arrived with the boys.
Miss E and Mr L disappeared off somewhere together, Miss L and Mr R went out onto the trampoline and Mrs C and I drank tea and chatted while Mr C drew pictures. Perfect!!
It was a lovely day as ever with them.  I repeat myself endlessly but I love how we all pick up where we left off and I love watching them all grow up together.
We potted up a few more plants later in the evening. It's so lovely being out in the garden and it's brilliant to see the Little Misses so enthusiastic about getting everything planted.
Miss E's particulary keen on the watering which is good because it's something I've got a complete mental block about. I tend to plant things and then forget all about them!!

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