We had such a lovely day in the garden today. 
Nana came over first thing and helped point me in the right direction of what to plant where; what pots to put where; what needs digging up; what needs dead-heading and - most importantly of all - reminding me that things actually need watering!!
The Little Misses were giddy to get stuck in with the compost. They planted ferns, fatsias and violas and did lots and lots of watering!!
I finished off clearing the ivy off the trellis, cleared the alcove which was full of pots, rusty old hanging baskets, soil and all sorts of rubbish. I swept it all out and when it was clear I put in the table and chairs in there. It looks so great!!
I was so completely engrossed that the time flew and I completely forgot about Fat Club and was still outside when Mr K got home at 7pm!

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