As Jon said driving in to the village, it does feel like 'home' now, you know that familiar feeling you get when returning after time away. I agreed. North Norfolk is now home...for the time being.

So we were up at 9, packed away after sharing out the cereal and juice between 3. I was still sitting in the caravan listening to the last 5 minutes of The Archers, while Jon and Henry hooked up the caravan and checked the lights. Then our 3 hour drive home, stopping once for a drink.

Jon expertly reversed the caravan back on to the drive and we went in to mums for a cup of tea and exchanged Easter eggs. Then drove in to a dull but busy Cromer to have tea with Mollie. She looked tired and quite unhappy. It was hard for her as she has had to work every day over Easter and again tomorrow. Hopefully she will enjoy a rest during the week, but I suppose its the nature of the work. I'm just glad she had the use of the car and hasn't had to cycle every day. She will be home tonight at about 10.

Now I need to work out what we will eat until Wednesday when I get paid. I am sure the freezer has things that I can be imaginative with.who needs fruit anyway?

A film tonight and chocolate. Happy Easter everyone.

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