Baking and Scrolling

Miss K came over today with Miss M and Miss A. As usual the girls had a lovely time together. There was a lot of bouncing on the trampoline, a lot of potion making, and a lot of disappearing off upstairs doing secret, mysterious things.
The day flew by! 
Later in the afternoon they wanted to do some baking. There was lots of shrieking and squabbling and arguing about who was going to do what and when (only from my two to be fair!!) so we said they could take it in turns.
Miss E and Miss M went first and - throwing caution to the wind - decided to make biscuits without a recipe - jut throwing things in as the fancy took them!!
The end results were surprisingly tasty - if a little more cakey than biscuity!
Miss L and Miss A were more conventional, making biscuits from a mixture which were also very tasty!
This picture made me laugh - Miss L and Miss A are engrossed in their baking and Miss E and Miss M are finding songs on the phone - Little Mix, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Amongst others!
A bit more bouncing on the trampoline and squabbling about bouncing on the trampoline then it was time for them to go.
Another lovely day!
It's so nice living in a house that I can actually invite people to!!

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