Happy Family

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years since the best wedding ever!!!! I've just been looking at the extras I added last year. Teeny tiny Little Misses!
I say it every year but I can't believe how fast the time goes!!
The other day when I went to the garden centre with my mum I saw a twisted willow tree which ticked lots of boxes as an anniversary present - five years is wood, we need trees for the garden and Mr K said just the other day that we should get a twisted willow like we planted in the garden of our first house together.
So imagine my delight when I saw it!!
And imagine my delight that a six foot tree was the bargain price of £11.97!!
I drove over to my mum's to get it last night (and skewered myself in the eye picking the pot up off the floor. One of the most painful things I've ever done!!) 
We had a lovely morning. Mr K and the Little Misses appeared with tea, flowers, a card and presents to make me smell lovely (Chanel Chance l'eau fraiche, the perfume I wore on our wedding day) and look younger (Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser, which I need!!)
Then we spent the next couple of hours all in our bed together doing the crossword, playing Sudoku, playing Squares, clambering all over Daddy, massaging Miss E, Mummy and Daddy (a future career for Miss L? She's amazing at it!!), playing Miss E's synonym board game (which is brilliant and she invented and which we really must develop and make our fortune from!) and generally doing a passable impression of the Waltons. It was wonderful!
My dad came over in the evening to look after the Little Misses so Mr K and  I could go out. We went to a newish Smokehouse in Buckingham and had delicious sixteen hour brisket of beef, pulled pork, coleslaw, smoked beans and fries. And, going wild for our anniversary, we had beer too!!!
After dinner we went to The Film Place at the University to watch The Light Between Oceans. 
I couldn't have picked a more depressing film for our anniversary if I'd tried!!! But it was thought provoking and memorable which can't be said of many of the films I've seen lately, and it looked beautiful!
Papa was engrossed in The Lord of the Rings when we got back and it was nice to see a bit of Viggo Mortenson it before heading to bed.

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