Day Trip to Guernsey

Our last port of call today. Lovely Guernsey!
We had breakfast in bed - cereal with full fat milk and sugar (whoop whoop!!), fruit, tea and a couple of sausages! - then went down to get the tender to St Peter Port. I love stepping off a giant ship into a titchy tender and set off over the waves for land!
When we got ashore we went for a lovely walk round the harbour past the impressive Castle Cornet and out along the breakwater to the lighthouse. Once we'd got away from the shuffling hoardes our fellow cruise-goers at the quayside it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.
I love seeing the ship anchored at a distance. It's home at the moment!!
The first time we came to Guernsey I was just a few weeks pregnant with Miss E. I remember walking along this wall then and imagining ourselves coming back with a baby. I can't believe how fast ten years have flown! 
And we haven't been back with either of our babies! 
We met Mr R, Mrs L, Miss P and Mr E in town briefly and then Mrs L took the kids to a Christmas present photoshoot and Mr R took Mr K and I to the Little Chapel. Via both the airports!!!*
The Little Chapel is lovely - decorated with thousands of pieces of broken china, pebbles and shells. It was full of flowers too today so smelt amazing!
I did my best to ignore Mr K and Mr R's antics!! (See extras) 
Then it was to Mr R's for a quick cup of tea before heading back into St Peter Port for lunch. Mr R met up with Mrs L and his mum and dad while Mr K and I went to Dix-Neuf Brasserie and Bar (which we're regulars at, visiting ten years ago and eighteen months ago. We were surprised they didn't remember our usual order!!) I had the most delicious chicken, bacon and avocado panini. It was nice to feel hungry for a change!
We remembered to pay - easier said than done when you've been used to just getting up and leaving restaurants for a week!! - and then met up again with Mr R, Mrs L and the children.
Miss L messaged us last night to ask could we get her a Guernsey 50p - she collects special edition 50ps and had seen her on her app that Guernsey has some pretty ones! Before we left, the waitress in Dix-Neuf kindly went through her till and swapped a couple of Guernsey pounds notes for lovely, shiny coins. Miss L will be giddy!!
We walked up to Candie Gardens enjoying the sunshine and flowers and then Mrs L had the brilliant idea of climbing up the Victoria Tower from the top of which you can apparently see the whole island.
We collected the key from the museum (and bought the obligatory fridge magnet!) and then headed to the tower. 
It was ace!!! Like something out of Lord of the Rings (see extras) with a proper huge old fashioned key.
Ninety nine steps to the top and there was a great view - sadly not the whole island but lovely nonetheless. And the Queen Victoria thankfully still in view!
We returned the key and then it was time to head back down to the harbour for the tender back to the ship.
Another fabulous day in Guernsey. I proper love it there!! Mrs L was telling me about the rules and regulations about camper vans on the island. There are a couple of sites and you can camp once you have a special permit. I will definitely be looking into bringing the Bongo back. I want to come for more than a few hours!
Once we were back on board we stocked up on cookies and cake then Mr K fell asleep and I sat out on our balcony reading my book, watching them haul the tenders back onboard, eating cookies, soaking up the sunshine and generally luxuriating in our last few hours!
Less enjoyable was having to pack our suitcases and leave them outside the cabin before midnight. That was rubbish! 

*Guernsey only has the one airport but Mr R (Guernsey born and bred) got a bit lost and took us on a lovely circuitous route taking in the airport twice! 

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