By strawhouse

Happy Anniversary

Seven years married today!!
What a fabulous day it was!
In a reversal of our usual roles I had been uncharacteristically organised and got Mr K a card and present, while Mr K had forgotten all about it!!!
Lots of tea required to make up for it!
It's sooooooo good to be back at Kelling! I could hardly wait to get up and out onto the heath with Archie.
The Little Misses were off on their bikes as soon as they got up, getting their own breakfast (bacon sandwiches) from the cafe while Mr K and I went for a walk. 
After lunch we walked/cycled down to Weybourne Station to watch the steam trains, buy books at the second hand bookshop, drink tea and eat crisps and chocolate. Lovely!!
Pulled pork baguettes for dinner. I made tons of it at home the other day and froze it to bring. So tasty. A bit too tasty in fact - I ate it until I felt quite unwell!!
More Dragon Warriors for Mr K and the Little Misses tonight while I lazed about reading my book and then Line of Duty.

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