By strawhouse

Early Start

Today got off to an early start. The forecast was good so I thought I’d do the car boot. I almost decided not to - because I’m lazy - but had a word with myself, spent all last night filling boxes with crap (and digging out all the boxes of crap in the garage left over from the last car boot I did. In 2017!!!!!) and loading the car.
I stumbled down at 6.30, made a cup of tea in my travel mug and set off.
As usual I was amazed by what people will buy - half used tins of paint, odd cushions, clothes lines, hideous old curtains, tons of Ikea stuff that I never needed in the first place, clothes, shoes, old games and puzzles, eight tons of Miss E’s old soft toys (Miss L’s not quite there yet!!!), books, wool, mugs.........
I came home with much less stuff and a bit richer. Definitely worth getting up early for.
While I was there Mr K, the Little Misses and Archie set off for Kelling Heath in Marshall. (That’s another reason I decided to do the car boot - to avoid the packing!!!)
I had an hour or so at home drinking tea and eating avocado and mushrooms on toast and then I came up to Kelling myself, getting here at about 5pm. What a gorgeous journey! I love this time of year when the fields are bright yellow, the trees and hedges are bright green, the cow parsley’s just coming out and the sky’s blue. So pretty!
It’s fabulous to be back at Kelling. I love it here!!
The Little Misses and Mr K played Dragon Warriors for hours this evening while I read and researched my book. It’s set up here so I’m giddy to be back!!!!

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