Street of Correction

I went in search of a few more Nuart street paintings in the afternoon. I found a couple more, though none that I preferred to the one on the left of this photograph. The preference is not necessarily due to the art work itself, but because I like the view looking along Correction Wynd under the Union Street bridge.

I did make a couple of corrections to Correction Wynd, mainly to grossly exaggerate the colour in the cobble stones. The colour is there but nothing like it appears here. I also brightened up the painting a bit to make it stand out more. I notice this piece of street art is on a wooden board, I wonder if that means it will be taken down. Being at street level it will probably be defaced before long.

I also visited the Maritime Museum, I hoped to be able to see the sailing ship Lord Nelson which arrived in Aberdeen harbour at lunch time. From the top floor of the museum I just about managed to see the tops of the masts, but most of the ship was hidden behind the Shetlands ferry.

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