Acrobatic Squirrel

Took this through our bedroom window this morning. We have a bunch of young squirrels that like to take advantage of our bird feeders. This fellow is quite the acrobat. 

Spent the morning working on what I call "desk work." It involves a program that lets me balance my checkbook and make sure there is enough money in the account to pay the bills. It isn't my favorite activity.

Next I went to the Alzheimer's support group. We had an intense session. As always we support each other and do what we can to help other caregivers to soften the blow of this arduous task. And we share stories and know that everybody there really gets what we are about. It helps a great deal.

Then I went to visit Arvin. I stayed for dinner and spent some time with him in the sunny courtyard. After dinner they were going to watch a movie on Netflix but the internet connection was acting up. So I took Arvin to his room where he could listen to Segovia on guitar. I left him dozing and came home to feed the cats and do my blip. Now it's time for some quiet TV and bed. Tomorrow Helena and I will meet at Silverado and spend a morning and lunch with Arvin

Extras: more of the squirrel and Arvin at Silverado

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