Had lunch with my friend Sue today. It had been too long since I'd seen her last so it was good to get together. She came over for a cuppa first. Mehitabel and Duma immediately came trotting up to greet her. She house sits for me whenever I travel and the kitties love her. After coffee and a good bit of chatting we went to the local Asian bistro for lunch. Then she headed out to do errands.

I puttered around and then called Shelly to see if he'd like to shop together at Costco. I knew he had some things he wanted to get there. He bussed up to my house and we went out together. As usual we had fun and ended up talking and laughing with many of the folks we met along the way. That's one thing I love about this town. Most everybody is ready and willing to relate to the folks around them. And Shelly, like me, enjoys turning any activity into something fun and playful. That's one of the things I love about him.

He stayed for dinner after shopping and then I drove him home with all his purchases and returned back to my house to finish the chores I was doing. We often spend Friday nights in our own houses because we have different things to do in the morning and they happen to be close to where we each live. So I kissed him goodbye and came back home to catch up on my chores.

As a treat for myself for doing what needed doing, I spent some time fiddling with a couple of the photos from yesterday's photo shoot. Here they are for your blipping enjoyment. The orange tulips are ala Van Gogh using the Topaz Impressions filter. I also used Topaz for the extra, this time the simplify filter.

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