Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Flower Friday ... with a bird!

Thanks Anni/BikerBear for providing me with yet another excuse reason to post some flowers with a bird.  That I was able to catch Missus Cardinal in mid-yawn was definitely a bonus.  I actually don't know if this is a yawn or if she's just stretching her jaw - I've seen cardinals do this from time to time without making any noise.  The flowers in this shot are on my shadbush/service berry tree which has now peaked.  In about a month, it will be covered in berries that the birds will gobble up, and then it will just be a pretty little tree for the rest of the year.  

That adorable Pine Warbler has been visiting the suet feeder all day, much to my delight.  I've been able to photograph him to my hearts content and now have a nice library of shots should anyone ever ask for one.  I may try moving the suet feeder to a more photogenic spot tomorrow in the hopes that he'll still be around.  

I got some other nice Birds and Blooms shots today, too:
A cheeky blue jay with a beak full of peanuts, and
A white-throated sparrow, with tan stripes

Home Depot is having a big mulch sale so I went and got 4 bags and spread them in my new garden.  I will need to head back tomorrow and get at least 10 more bags.  The price is right - only $10 for 5 bags, so I might as well get plenty.  

MIL was engaged in a heated round of "balloon toss" when I went to visit her today.  I'm telling you, there is nothing wrong with her hand/eye coordination - she was lobbing balloons all over the table.  It was such fun watching the group laughing and obviously having a great time.  I left with a big smile on my face.  

In 2 weeks, I'll be in Florida.  Planning to spend the better part of 3 days photographing at the rookery in St. Augustine and can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are headed into a fun weekend.


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