Robins Rockin' All Round

I heard a soft cheeping and saw my first robin sitting in the grapevine outside the back door. It was a fledgling that was worryingly unafraid of me. Luckily it could fly and flitted onto the roof of the house.

When Jazzy and I walked past the bottom boiler house I heard more cheeping. This time it was a female robin calling to her mate. I saw and photographed them mating a few times, then he tenderly fed her as she fluttered and acted like a chick.

I captured the above young robin when I was checking on MrQ's asparagus in the big aluminium block. Do hope this little one keeps safe from all the predators.

Today's poem is Harlem by Langston Hughes.

MrQ and I spent an interesting time this morning discussing this as LH was deeply immersed in the world of jazz. His poem has a jazzy feel. We listened to many versions of Harlem Nocturne, which MrQ played a long time ago at Tottenham Royal. I absolutely love this evocative rendering by The Viscounts. The others were too smooth and sweet for me. I was transported to Harlem.

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