Epic Cousteau - again

Another busy day at school. I got stuck into my presentation for Monday's Gratitude workshop and taught my two classes. In addition, I taught a Year 7 Food Technology class (there was no work left, so I had to make up a lesson for a subject I've never taught!) - I gave them an internet quiz about French food and cuisine and then a Kahoot quiz about food hygiene and preparation. It seemed to do the trick. Then a brief meeting before heading home.

I made a quick and easy tea and then retreated to the bath with a good book and a bottle of water.

Off to bed a for a good long sleep.

Oh, and somewhere I managed to squeeze in a wet weather yard duty, a mini-counselling sesh with a French teacher and a phone call to a colleague who had a car accident this morning. And, of course, a lovely dog walk with Cousteau, Mr B and Little Miss.

No wonder I'm pooped.

Night all.


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