Down a country road.....

.....a slight breeze rustles the leaves and light pours down upon this little country church. I was hoping for some autumn colour but clearly I'm a little to early.

When land became available in the 1860s and 1870s in the Loburn area of North Canterbury, numbers of small farmers bought in. Those families lucky enough to get good land and who were prepared to work very long hours made enough money to survive on and these formed the nucleus of the Loburn population.

The Anglican Diocese bought land for a church in 1878, but not until 1891 was the little country Church of St Martin built. The churchyard was consecrated in 1907 by Bishop Julius.

Now, 126 years later, in this peaceful setting of established trees, St Martin's still provides a place of worship.

Lovely to get out into the country after a morning of gardening. international earth day, quite liked these trees and expansive lawn on this stunning autumnal day, a little brisk but warm in the sun especially upon ones back, the way I like it - 18C :)

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