This is the #daily #checkin for Wednesday 19 April
Yesterday felt like a very long and very cold day at work, fasting after the bank holiday weekend here.
Before work I had been listening to a podcast that I found via information shared within this group.
A couple of things I have since pondered; an argument made was for focusing on short term benefits and not on longer term goals. This resonates for me as I’d never seriously considered trying to get back to a ‘normal’ weight as, a year ago, it was such a big and, seemingly, impossible target. My goal at the outset was to lose a little bit of weight ahead of a holiday. It was regularly revised after my return but I always focussed on my average weight loss since starting being more than the pound per week that, by some, is considered to be healthy.
As of my ‘week 63’ weigh in this week I have lost 161 pounds which is around 2.5 pounds per week. Although I have a ‘dream goal’ of seeing 10 stone something for just one weigh in, I am also mindful that if I can maintain where I am, my average is going to be more than the pound per week for some time yet!
Having signed up to the rebootedbody newsletter, I received an email asking me what health and fitness goals I am currently struggling with.
I wouldn’t use the word ‘struggling’ in respect of any of my goals. Thank you 5:2!
Weight 11.5 stone ( (-1 lb) 
BMI 25.51 
BMR 1383 calories 
TDEE 1660 calories 
Snack Count – ZERO
Black coffee 3
Tea with skimmed milk 2
Sparkling water 1 litre
Peppermint infusion 2
Ginger infusion 2
Red berry infusion 1
Green tea 1
roasted chicken
red cabbage
land cress
greek yoghurt

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