Renewable Energy

We had to schedule ourselves this morning.  I wanted to run, BB had football and TT had a funeral to go to.  We all managed to do what we needed to do, then I had to head off to the secondary pupils badminton tournament.  With a lot of guidance and help, from those who have organised it in the past, we got underway and I think by the end of it I almost knew what we were doing, but I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s tournament, which has many more entries, which means many more games.

D and I then had to spend a couple of hours sorting out playlists for tomorrow, and treated ourselves to a well-earned gin and tonic once we were done.  It was much needed.  Only one though, as tomorrow is going to be a long day!

BB was off at a party this evening, so TT and I treated ourselves to a takeaway, and I managed to find time to catch up with my back blipping. I also made some cakes for the bake sale which will be held as part of tomorrow’s tournament.

Not much opportunity to blip anything today.  Here are the micro-generators on the roof of the school where BB played football this morning.

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