Not how I imagined it.

Woo Hoo it's Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Thanks to everyone checking in with me. I don't think I have ever added so many posts to facebook. I'm hoping that another 'newbie' might volunteer to take over in a few weeks time for May. What a great opportunity to ask questions.
This is the #daily #checkin for #Friday 21 April 17
I wondered yesterday how much the time and choice of dinner pre fast day affects how you feel after a nutritionally poor meal on Wednesday evening. Some people reported that it did make a difference to them and others were unaffected.
Having decided to see how I felt at lunchtime and then make the fast or not fast decision, I can report that I felt no different than on any other FD. I had a cup of hot water and marmite at around noon and ate dinner at around 7pm
I commented on another thread yesterday about some of the reasons I joined the group and why I've stayed;
" for me I was interested in learning how others made it work on a longer term basis, seeing motivational progress updates/recipes, being directed to interesting reference reading. I lurked for a while but if I'd decided it wasn't for me I would have left or stopped reading. "
I've never been interested in conventional 'dieting support groups' and I'm wasn't keen to become one of those people who talk constantly/bore people about food restrictions/how many calories/points/syns/shakes etc etc they can eat that day
Here, not only do you not become a 'food bore' as the 'listeners' are here by choice and, presumably here for the same reasons as you but I can find numerous sources of information to distract me from my household chores and/or tempting snacks.
I've seen a few other groups and imagine that some of you might belong to other similar ones. Wondering now about why other people are here, how it compares to other groups in the 'real' world or online?
Am going to ponder some more today about what motivates and demotivates me more generally
Mostly though I am wondering what I might break my fast with.
Weight 11.5 stone ( (no change) 
BMI 25.51 
BMR 1383 calories 
TDEE 1660 calories 
Snack Count – ZERO
1 litre sparkling water
Coconut water 1
black coffee 4
tea with skimmed milk 2
peppermint infusion 4
marmite in hot water
prawn salad
greek yoghurt
tinned fruit

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