Earth Day

I love where I live!


Hello and good morning to you from my beautiful corner of beautiful planet. It's Earth day today and I'll be doing my bit to enjoy being here today
This is the #daily #checkin for #Saturday 22 April 17
As I suggested that I would, I pondered yesterday what it was the motivated me. Each time I thought about the activities that I do it came back to enjoyment. I am much more motivated by things that make me happy and that I enjoy doing than by the things that I enjoy less.
I don't need to be disciplined to get up early and head out on my bicycle, to pick up litter or for a run before work. I enjoy it. It's not difficult to find an hour here or there to do something for my community through my volunteering. I enjoy it.
I also think that's why this WOE works for me; I can eat all the things that I love to eat and there is nothing that is off limits. I enjoy the feeling that being in control of my weight gives me. It's sustainable. I enjoy it.
My month of sharing my food log/daily weighing appears to be keeping me at the lower end of my recent weight range. Something else for me to ponder from now until the end of the month. I need to find a way to enjoy the logging. Perhaps through photgraphy.
Weight 11.5 stone ( (no change) 
BMI 25.51 
BMR 1383 calories 
TDEE 1660 calories 
Snack Count – TWO
Tea with skimmed milk 3 
Black Coffee 3 
Peppermint infusion 2 
Sparkling water 1 litre 
Coconut water 1
Greek yoghurt 
Cous Cous 
Mixed Vegetables 
Shortbread biscuit

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