A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Susan in the spotlight.

It's turning into Flower Sunday now but I'm not apologising. The light was again wonderful first thing and it seemed to really bring out the colour of this lovely magnolia 'Susan'.

It isn't as showy as the Soulangia, which still has lots of big blooms but is shedding petals rapidly, but along side it the deep magenta colour looks great.  Like it's name too which was my sister and grandmother's name.

The rest of the day has been hectic. Clearing the dining room/ conservatory for decorating tomorrow. I emptied the glass and China cupboard at the beginning of the week but it's amazing how much more there has been to move. I've been keeping on top of the washing and ironing too as my ironing board normally lives in there and it's going in the garage. Need everything to be ready for ours Scotland trip too at the beginning of May.

I'm pooped now, G & T time I think.
Looking forward to 'Line of Duty' later!

Hope you had a good St George's Day.


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