Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Looking for a cake recipe

My strawberries from last week are looking sort of shrively so I cut them up, put a little sugar and some water on them to make some juice for on cake.   So then to find a cake recipe that makes just a little cake.   

I pulled out this old cookbook that was my Mom's from 1950.   I keep it in a plastic ziplock bag; the cover is ducted tape and clear packing tape repair so it won't fall apart.  Every page is dry and brittle and I am very careful when turning pages.   It has recipes for things I don't even want to try to tongue and kidney.  The book is divided into sections for each type of food, meat, poultry, vegetables, appetizers, drinks, cakes, pies and cookies.  At the end is a dinner party menu section from picnic to formal dining experience with appropriate page numbers for the recipe.

I have made this jelly roll cake before; it usually turns out very it flopped as I had no baking powder.  It was kind of spongy and very flat but we ate it anyway with the strawberries.   

The white bookmark is a note my Mom made..yeast rolls, page 212.  She sure could make some good yeast rolls.   

Hoping to pass this book down to my younger granddaughter..she likes to cook and will text me for recipes if she gets in the mood to make supper.   Maybe she can make the yeast rolls!

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