Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Dungeness beach

Hello, lovely people, yes I'm back and have had a blipping fantastic time staying with my sis in an eccentric and rather wonderful house/cabin at Dungeness.

For those of you who don't know it, Dungeness is one of the largest shingle landscapes in the world (as the literature says) as well as a National Nature Reserve and a Special Area of Conservation.  It makes up the south-east corner of England.and is home to fishing boats, derelict boats, old sheds, decaying WWII buildings, seabirds, rabbits, a 90 year old mini steam railway, a pub, 2 lighthouses, cabins made from old railway carriages, and an elderly nuclear power station.  It's the most surreal landscape I've ever seen and I loved it!

So of course I've come home with far too many pictures and after most of the day spent sorting I still don't know which my favourites are, so I've just had to take a punt and put up plenty of Extras.

This was taken on the first evening's walk along the beach.  Mostly the weather went cloud and sea fret in the mornings and sun from mid afternoon with the biggest blue skies you've ever seen.  The Extras include tulips growing on the beach(!), an only slightly less derelict fishing boat, and the shack where you could buy fresh fish.


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