A good day...

...today I went out this morning looking for black pens that I could add water to and create different colours within the black. I had an amazing unexpected morning with strangers. Just talking. Nothing is quite what it seems...

Then this afternoon my art group. Not many of us turned up, so it was easy for me to follow conversations, and they were very interesting.

So this afternoon I was testing out the pens I had bought, and then I realised I had accidentally picked up a pack of blue ones. So I wasn't so pleased with that, but someone said try them. I did and I quite liked the blue, and so did they.

When I got home I had a nap then started scribbling with the blue. The scribbles on this large A3 sized paper were done without thinking or using logical brain, but I had intended scribbling more and working into it a lot. However, suddenly logical brain came in and wanted me to do this that and the other which would have wrecked it. In any case that small wee voice that says 'stop' was beginning to yell at me. So I stopped.

This is the blue writing pen with water added to the lines. So this is my pic for today for my challenge to myself of a pic every day in 2017.

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