By Missycat

The Dubai Fountain

Tonight was the last of our short stopover in Dubai and we made the most of it.  We spent a couple of hours this morning on the beach immediately opposite our hotel  and late afternoon we went back to the Burj Khalifa to take the ride to the 124th floor where we could view the city from dizzying heights.
The only time slot that we could get was 5.30pm, which means we weren't there quite long enough to see the sun finally set but the views were pretty stunning anyway.
Afterwards we had dinner at the Armani Mediterraneo restaurant.  Our table was prebooked by our hotel (Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach) who arranged for us to sit  outside so that we could enjoy a very good view of  the spectacular show that is The Dubai Fountain.  As we were shown to our table a performance began and the effect was magical!  Follow my link to learn more.

I've chosen one of the many shots that I took of the fountain and the extra shows a view from the top of Burj Khalifa.  I used my little Panasonic, which I rather regretted photographically speaking - both the tower and restaurant were full of people with DSLRs and even tripods -  but on a family outing it was more practical to just have a small camera.  Next time though...and the definitely will be a next time!

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