Painted Tulip Serenade

This morning's perusal of the Arboretum's tulip show led me down some rather unbeaten paths. I've already shared pictures of the main flower display by the sundial, and the harvest gardens in Childhood's Gate.

The flowers in this picture were in the little patio area between the lily pond and the poplars. The area features wooden benches, tables, and chairs, and it's a very pretty place to sit.

One of the things that I love about the gardens is that those who planned them were mindful of colors and shapes. This area boasts some beautiful golden walls, which provide a fitting backdrop to the blooms.

I used the vivid setting on my camera to take this picture. After I downloaded it, I boosted the contrast and definition too. I thought that the end result looked like a painted picture.

Very simple, as though drawn by a child's hand, or perhaps cut from construction paper: two pink tulips against the golden wall. Just color, shapes, and lines.

The soundtrack to accompany this image is Joshua Kadison's song, Jessie. It's from his 1993 album, Painted Desert Serenade. Jessie, paint your pictures 'bout how it's gonna be . . . 

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