Cambridgeshire Days... Part 2!!

World Eel Throwing Competition! Eel Day, Ely Eel Festival Weekend!!

"Ely derives its name from the Isle of Eels when Ely was an island surrounded by marshland. Eels were historically part of the local staple diet as well as a valuable source of income.  Jellied eels were popular until recent times and clients would come from London, such was the reputation of Ely's eels.  Eels are no longer caught in the Great River Ouse, due to dwindling stocks and the retirement of our last commerical catcher in 2014.

Smoked eels, now considered a delicacy, can be purchased on Ely's Farmers Market and dishes such as roasted eel can still be found on restaurant menus in the area throughout the year and of course especially during Eel Festival Weekend... It is no wonder then that Ely celebrates our relationship with the humble eel in a whole weekend of celebrations."

Into Ely on the bus this morning (M had some urgent work to do on his van before its MOT!), but thanks to the bus running 36 minutes late (I'd forgotten how unreliable and infrequent the buses are around here!), I missed the carnival parade that kicked off the Eel Festival. After an hour browsing the market and shops, I joined the crowds at the Eel Day celebrations by the river where, amongst many other things, the World Eel Throwing Competition was being held. This isn't my best pic from the day, but I wanted to include a photo in my journal that reminded me of this bonkers activity!

After a quick visit to the cathedral, took the bus home (only 21 mins late this time!), with a bag full of Jelly Eel Fudge, Jelly Eel Brownies and Jelly Eel sweets! As for the real jellied eels, I left those for other people to enjoy!!

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