Anniversary curry!

I spared you one of our faded wedding photos on this our 28th wedding anniversary. After coffee and scones yesterday, nothing was planned for today. Mollie had to work, and took my car. After coffee we nipped in to Homebase to see if they had a wallpaper I liked in the reduced section. I had noticed them last week, but the one I liked was £17.25 a roll, and that was the reduced price. After a bit of searching, I found two rolls of one pattern I had seen a month ago, with the same batch number. There were 3 rolls in total, which I had worked out was all i needed for one bedroom wall. I am going to paint the other walls. So I bought them all at £4.50 each, and am hoping the 3rd roll's shade won't be too different.

We enjoyed an afternoon visit from my work friend James and Sarah. It was nice to show Sarah the contents of my glass cabinet, and explain my logic for collecting so many random things. There is no logic, but she appreciated it all nonetheless. That pleased me!

This evening Jon and I took Henry in to Cromer, to meet friends at the cinema. We went to the Cromer Tandoori. We usually really enjoy it but I felt mine didn't have as much as flavour as it should have. We were home by 10.20. Mollie is home but Henry will be picked up at 11.15. That's Jon's job tonight.

So on 29th April 1989, the moody 23 year old me, was floating into my marriage in my pink silk 80s proper puffy wedding dress. It was a very windy day. The important thing was that every single member of our families, and ALL of our friends were there. They stuck it out to the end, waiting in the cold until we could get in to the church (half an hour late because of the previous wedding) and then in the hall waiting patiently while we had photos. They proved to be the perfect ingredients for a long and happy marriage. That's all we really need. Loving family & loyal friends. Luckily we have grown more of both over the past 28 lucky are we? Thank you to everyone for getting us through & especially to Jon today, for putting up with lots (& for my lovely earrings) Love you x

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