Greens and Blues

Everywhere you looked today on this sunny May Day, it was greens and blues (see extra).

Does this count as a #leithwalkshop? Although 'pop up', a political stall probably should so I've tagged it. There was no point in them trying to persuade me, though, as I've already voted by post. Not in the country on Thursday.

A pretty exhausting day, including the usual Monday visit across the park, lunch with an ex head of school, a future one and an American contact, then shovelling emails and similar in the afternoon, interspersed with occasional bouts of packing stuff in boxes and squirrelling it away, in advance of the next stage in the process of recovering from the leak we had. Just to remind me, the plumbing bill arrived this morning...

Most of the day, I've felt like I've been wading through treacle. Off to bed soon with another long and busy day tomorrow. I am back up to speed again at long last after the operation, and indeed I can now maintain - literally - a faster speed for longer. But I would like to have at some point a slightly quieter and less pressured life. Is that too much to ask?

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