Hummingbird Attractor

At least that's what this is supposed to do. But so far, not much action. I think it's because the birds are nesting right now. We'll see more of them when the babies are out of their shells and need to be fed. I took this while sitting on the deck in the sunshine this morning. The birds were all off somewhere enjoying the day themselves.

Today Raven worked in our garden and I spent some time with one of my artist friends. Nancy brought over one of her paintings for me to photograph. We had a good brief visit before she took off to do some errands, and to get away from cats. (She is allergic. Too bad since this house is infested with two cats and all the fur and dander they can produce.)

Next I went to visit Arvin and spent a few hours with him. When I got back Raven was still here. She is on a mission to get rid of the weeds that managed to take over during the late winter and early spring. She is winning as always because she is tireless and determined. We talked a bit before she left.

Then I had a quick sandwich before heading into town to take a class on video production. I'm taking a series of classes as part of the city's program to certify photographers to create videos for Access Bellingham, a series of programs made by and presented to the residents of this city. Mostly I just want to learn how to do video but I may end up doing a project for Channel 10 anyhow. Today we focused on cameras and will do so again tomorrow evening. Next month the focus will be on editing. Meanwhile there are classes that are more free content on every Tuesday from 6 to 8:30. I am looking forward to adding to my photography skills. Right now I know very little about video.

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