LILY x 4

When I came downstairs this morning and opened to curtains I found Lily lounging in the " window hammock bed ".  The sun was shining and it was nice and warm for her.  I have tagged this for " Wild Wednesday " hosted by Cailleach.

Early start for me as my friend Jan is back from her holiday in Hong Kong/China so we went to Morrisons.

Then I had an appointment with the nurse to get my compression bandage changed. She was pleased with the progress of the leg ulcer.  Recently it has stopped being painful - most of the time I forget all about it completely apart from the bandage being a bit uncomfortable and itchy.

Then I got the bus to The Metrocentre.  I bought a few things for the garden in Wilkinsons and a few bits in the Pound shops.

The weather today has been bright and sunny all day - but the wind was chilly.

Steps today - 8,980

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