Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Hawthorn Time

At least I think this is Hawthorn! I got it wrong yesterday, it seems it was lady's smock and not red campion. Anyway, these blossoms were pretty and the bees thought so too. It was another very breezy day, and we cannot quite pack away the winter coats yet, as that wind is chilly.

Our boiler broke down and thankfully we have insurance through British Gas so they came out this afternoon to fix it. They have a very efficient system of booking a call out online so it was easy enough to arrange. I have had not heating or hot water for 2 days now, but thankfully have an immersion heater for the hot water tank. The engineer replaced various parts but it is still not working, so he is coming back tomorrow morning to replace another part that they had to order today. He is not confident he can get it working again - and its a new boiler!

So Prince Philip has finally retired at the age of 95 years old - well done to him for working for so long! I have always found his gaffs and comments very amusing, even though they are sometimes offensive. Here is a reminder of some of those funny ones. 

Thomas said his English Language IGCSE was really tough today, everyone was taken by surprise at what an odd paper it was. Oh well, onwards and upwards, he has his German oral on Monday so there is no slacking off just yet. He is also performing in a jazz concert tomorrow night and singing in the confirmation service on Sunday morning, so a busy weekend for him.

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