Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

What's outside my window

It's a busy day today so I haven't time to go out and get a better photo - the easy solution was to enter the challenge of What's Outside My Window. This is the view from our top floor looking down onto the garden - its a view I love and I am glad to have a photograph of it to remember it by as when we move I will miss this view. It's particularly good in autumn when the leaves all turn golden - at the moment you can see a bit of lilac on the shrub on the left, and you can also see all the blossoms on the horse chestnut tree. I won't miss that tree - conkers and big messy leaves in the autumn that litter the lawn, and then sticky bits of blossom in the spring that Murdoch carries back into the house as they stick to his paws.

I was up early this morning to get to the post office and Waitrose before the British Gas engineer came - he was due at 10am but when I got back home at 9.45am he was already waiting for me on our driveway. He took over 2 hours to fit another new part, and hurray, it is now working! He did say that it is an old boiler and he struggled to get parts for it so next time it breaks down he won't be able to fix it, and we will have to replace it - but we replaced this boiler about 8 years ago! Never realised that was considered old.

I had ironing and some tidying up and vacuuming to do (as we have some house viewings when we are away). Gavin has taken Murdoch to his doggy hotel and had to go to the waste disposal site on the way - whenever we go away we seem to miss our garbage collection day and as they only collect every alternate week (alternating between household garbage and recycling) it would mean 4 weeks of the garbage not being collected so we always have to do a trip to the waste disposal site.

I must go pack now as we leave very early tomorrow morning to fly to Pisa, and then are getting trains to Cinque Terre. Tonight we are going to the jazz concert at Thomas' school which should be good - he will be performing in it.

I probably won't have much time for journals this coming week.

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