The Dancing Girls: Riding the Dolphin Wheel

Our dear friends the Dancing Girls have come to visit, but they can only stay a few days. You know how it is when some of your favorite people come over. Sometimes you just can't decide which fun thing to do first. So you try to do everything at once!

First, the girls luxuriated in a bathtub FULL of chocolates (see extra photo). Perhaps this is something we have all dreamed of doing. Those Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffles are extra-dreamy and awesome and I highly recommend them. And wait, is that a Red-Shirt riding on the Pig-Steed? Say it isn't so! (In a Pig's Eye, as they say . . . Or perhaps ON one!)

And then they went on a ride on the great big Dolphin Wheel. Wow, was that exciting! And just a little bit dangerous, too, so we had "spotters" waiting at the bottom, watching carefully, ready to catch anyone who fell.

The song to accompany this posting is for the main photo of the Big Wheel: Steve Miller Band, with Heart Like a Wheel.

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