MonoMonday Challenge - 172 Le Regard Oblique

ALT - Intention

Sometimes best intentions are laid to waste...

My plan for today was to go by this big glass storefront where I am usually too hurried to slow down and catch a reflection of somebody looking at the displays.  Today, as Murphy would predict, they had drawn a big blue curtain in front while chaning the displays.  hahaha  My alternative plan was also not working (The 5 P's.... Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance)  haha

So today, I have an oblong glance, but no one looking at the camera or at something of interest in particular.  What you have is the other way around, the cameraman interested and looking in on them minding their business while walking down the street. I do like the way the reflections stand out with the blue curtain behind the glass! :)

In other news... how in the world could I not remember that Barack Obama is in town today????? Almost as cool as the pope coming to town.  (I missed that one too!)

Thanks to everyone that has participated today and last week in what is becoming something of a difficult MonoMonday series... I hope the next entries get easier!  In that 'regard', I have already posted next week's theme in the BlipFoto Challenge section.  Here it is! MM173

Please remember to tag your photos from today #MM172 so that I can find them!
I will be rewarding my hearts on Thursday.

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