If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


We have had Wild Garlic growing under the Whitebeam for a few years.  The seeds must have arrived on one of the periodic floods that we suffer have.  When Clickychick started her "woodland garden" they fitted in beautifully.   Currently they are coming into flower.

We dropped the caravan off for its service before continuing on to the studio where Clickychick had to mount some pictures for an event they are attending.  The on to have a quick visit with kanyl.

The result was  that by the time I had mown the lawn I was beginning to wonder "what can I blip".  The Garlic flowers stood out nicely in the shade under the tree and caught my eye.  So today it is Allium ursinum as my blip.

As the scientific name suggests (if you have a smattering of school boy latin) they are a favourite of brown bears.   None have been attracted into the garden though!   Wild Boar also enjoy them but we haven't had any of those either.

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